Bamboo Headbands – A Cool Way to Hold Your Hair

Short hair, long hair, hair up or hair down, bamboo headbands are perfect for making a stylish fashion Cariloha Bamboo Headbandsstatement, and even better for those bad hair days! They’re soft, hypoallergenic, and ideal for everyday use.

  •  Made of comfortable, soft bamboo fabric with no plastic or other hard inserts.
  • Natural bamboo-stretch fabric for a comfy, secure fit.
  • Reinforced stitching to ensure longevity.
  • Made of 70% bamboo / 30% organic cotton.
  • Features a Cariloha branding tag on the bottom seam.
  • Machine washable.


Bamboo Headband Dimensions: Approx.  3.5″ at the widest point and gradually tapers to 1.5″ at the sides for a comfortable, secure fit, looking like one uniform piece all the way around. Approx. 20″ around unstretched and made to fit an average ladies’ size head of 21″ – 23″.

Three Good Reasons Why this Bamboo Headband Should be on Your Head

  • Headbands make a great way to ‘try out’ bamboo – to feel how soft (twice as soft as cotton) and how breathable (3 degrees cooler than cotton) these bamboo headbands really are compared to other headbands available on the marketplace.
  • Headbands are a perfect match for any woman’s wardrobe; they go particularly well with Cariloha’s infinity scarves and Bamboo Fit line (active wear line that’s coming soon from Cariloha).
  • It’s a useful accessory to have around, especially when you’re exercising, cleaning or spending time in the great outdoors.

Cariloha bamboo headbands are available only at Cariloha stores for the time being. Soon to be available online.