Bamboo Brightens Barbados’ Minister of Tourism’s Day

Cariloha Barbados - Visit from Minister of Tourism

Have you ever been to Barbados, the Caribbean’s most easterly island? Over the past two decades, it’s become one of the most popular cruise ship ports and tourist destinations in the Caribbean. I personally haven’t made my way to Barbados, but several of my Cariloha co-workers make several training trips to the island every year.

Based on what my traveling co-worker friends show and tell me, Barbados is breathtakingly beautiful and the shopping selection is superb! Apparently, you agree, as the Cariloha store, which is only around 600 square feet in size, packs in the crowds and rings up some hefty sales receipts.

Recently, some of Barbados’ local dignitaries wanted to get a firsthand glimpse of all the excitement at the tiny Cariloha store. The Barbados’ Minister of Tourism and other government officials stopped by for an impromptu visit to their store in the Barbados cruise terminal. The Cariloha staff took pleasure in educating them on the benefits of Cariloha bamboo, which resulted in a sale.

The minister was so impressed that he told Cariloha staffer, Alistair, when he returned to the store he wanted to meet Cariloha Barbados General Manager, Leandre Culpepper, as soon as possible. When they met up, he told her how much he enjoyed the store, staff and products and encouraged them to keep up the good work. Always good to receive some positive validation for all your hard work.

Pictured are the Minister of Tourism (right) with Cariloha staffer, Alistair (middle), and the Cruise Terminal CEO (left).

Barbados employees speak English as their primary language; but with so many predominantly European cruise ships calling in Barbados, they’ve learned how to greet and demonstrate bamboo nine different languages.