5 Reasons to Love an All-Bamboo Shopping Bag

Cariloha Bamboo Retail Bag

Introducing an all-bamboo shopping bag that adds the final bamboo touch to Cariloha’s bamboo-soft experience. It carries more than just bamboo merchandise – it carries Cariloha’s intangible brand and product values that you’ll remember long after your purchase at a Cariloha store.

Here are five specific reasons that might have you loving this bamboo bag as much as we do:

1. It’s made of bamboo. Yep – 100% bamboo. It’s an added plus for shoppers who want to leave Cariloha with nothing but bamboo in their hands. A bamboo bonus for everyone!

2. It’s biodegradable. Bamboo is actually good for the soil, and it deteriorates quickly and safely without releasing any harmful chemicals or free radicals into the environment.  It’s one small way to keep the world we live in greener.

3. It’s free! The bamboo shopping bag comes free with every purchase. Everything in the store is made of bamboo – including this shopping bag!

4. Brag it up. Having an all-bamboo bag  is unique. Everyone will know you kept it clean and green at Cariloha! It makes a great conversation piece for your lunch or dinner date.

5. Re-gift it. It’s a snazzy-looking bag. Say you bought an ultra-soft bamboo shirt, towel or sheet set, and you’re now giving it to a friend or relative as a birthday present or wedding gift.  No need to worry about wrapping it – simply use the bamboo bag. Add a splash of white or green tissue, and let the bamboo bag speak for itself. You become the cool cat at the party when you say, “Yeah, even the bag is made of bamboo.”   Gift recipient responds, something akin to, “Really?! That’s so cool!”