Cariloha Opens Store in Seaport Village, San Diego

26 Sep


Cariloha this week opened its newest store in famous Seaport Village, San Diego. The new corporately owned and operated store is located on the east end of Seaport Village with close proximity to the popular boardwalk and to the convention center. The store will be the only retail store in San Diego selling exclusively clothing, bedding, active wear, and bath goods made from eco-friendly bamboo.

Cariloha has been rapidly expanding its international and domestic presence for the past six years now with 15 corporately owned and 32 independently owned stores in 13 countries. Cariloha stores are found in Mexico, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Barbados, Aruba, Curacao, Honduras, St. Maarten, Bahamas, Antigua, Bonaire and various cities throughout the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii.

Additional Cariloha store openings are planned in late 2014 and early 2015 in St. Kitts, Houston, Palm Springs, Destin, Florida, San Juan Mall in Puerto Rico and City Creek Mall in Salt Lake City. The independently owned stores will be operated by licensed, contracted partners of Cariloha, LLC.

Cariloha Seaport Village will be managed by Cariloha’s Internship and Executive Manager Program, which also manages and staffs multiple other Cariloha stores.


“Seaport Village is a natural fit for Cariloha because of its growing local and tourist market that’s interested in eco-friendly, comfortable clothing,” said Scott Brady, VP of Communications. “The ultra-soft bamboo apparel, bedding and bath goods are geared toward the comfort driven, eco-conscious customer, and the San Diego scene fits well with the Cariloha brand.”

All Cariloha store guests receive a free bamboo lei just for stopping by the store, which helps proliferate the bamboo, eco-friendly attitude even more. Cariloha staffers encourage visitors to touch and feel the bamboo-soft difference of their shirts, bed sheets, towels, and hand bags for themselves.

Bamboo apparel contains several qualities that are much better than other fabrics. Bamboo is twice as soft to the touch as cotton; it keeps you up to 3 degrees cooler than cotton; bamboo is naturally odor resistant, hypoallergenic and moisture wicking, which comes in really handy on a hot, humid day.

Bamboo Sheets Provide Luxuriously Soft Night’s Sleep

25 Sep

Cariloha Bamboo sheets continue to attract customers seeking the best in naturally luxurious linens. Not only are they softer than other natural and synthetic fabrics, but they also keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer thanks to bamboo’s inherent thermal-regulating properties. They’re extremely helpful for people who suffer from night sweats, skin irritations or sensitivities. If that wasn’t enough, bamboo sheets and towels are odor resistant and good for the environment, too. But, don’t take our word for it…

Read the helpful insights from this media product reviewer who shares her personal, unbiased experiences with Cariloha Bamboo Bed Sheets


Cariloha Bamboo Sheets
By Shortcut Saver

I kind of have a thing for soft sheets on my bed. They have to be comfortable and made out of lightweight fabric. I came across Cariloha Bamboo Sheets that are luxurious and made out of viscose from Bamboo. They have a nice sheen look to them and come in 5 colors such as Ivory, Tan, Sage, White, and Blue. Inside the set is a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillow cases. You can get the sets in Standard and King.

I received a Cariloha Bamboo Sheet set in the color tan and was so excited to put them on my bed. When I laid on the sheets, I noticed how soft and comfortable they were. They were also lightweight and contain natural moisture-wicking properties so I didn’t sweat at night. It is actually softer than silk or cashmere, and you only pay a fraction of the cost for it.

Another great feature of the Cariloha Bamboo Sheets is that it is machine washable, which is a plus for me. The sheets are extra deep so it will fit mattresses up to 18″ deep and will keep it from coming undone in the middle of the night. If you are living green, Cariloha Bamboo Sheets are for you since they are made from eco-friendly bamboo.

Read the entire review here. Tell us what you think about Cariloha Bamboo sheets in the comments.

Cariloha Bamboo Clothing is as Comfortable as it is Functional

19 Sep

Cariloha Bamboo is for the comfort driven and eco-conscious. It’s soft, cool, clean and green.™ It’s natural luxury that you can feel. You’ve got to wear a bamboo shirt or sleep in bamboo sheets to truly feel the difference of bamboo softness. Cariloha stands for quality, comfort, fitness, and care for the environment. It’s the only brand with a full line of merchandise made from bamboo, one of the most renewable, self-replenishing resources on the planet.

Cariloha lets you live a lifestyle of comfort long after you’ve left the store. Don’t take our word for it, though. Read this unbiased media review of Cariloha’s bamboo clothing and decide for yourself:


Cariloha Bamboo Clothing
By Organic Reviewer

Cariloha is a clothing brand that fuses the laid back Caribbean culture with the welcoming Aloha of Hawaii. Their products are designed to give the comforts of beach clothing with the functionality and style of everyday wear. The signature of Cariloha clothing is that they are made from naturally renewable bamboo. This gives their clothing a unique feel that is airy, lightweight and oh so soft!

This was my first time wearing a bamboo product, and I’m wondering now why I waited so long! The material is incredibly soft and feels great against your skin. Bamboo is twice as soft as cotton and an extremely comfortable material.

In addition to being comfortable, the bamboo fibers are also very functional. The fibers breathe exceptionally well and wicks moisture away from your body. This amazing air flow through the fibers reduces the temperature against your body by 3 degrees. Bamboo is also anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and naturally odor resistant.

When wearing Cariloha clothing, you can rest assured that you’re wearing a product that’s eco-friendly. Bamboo is one of the most renewable and sustainable products on the earth. It’s extremely fast growing and regenerates very quickly. Cariloha proves that it’s possible to care about the earth and look great while doing it!

I reviewed the women’s bamboo scoop tee and my husband tried out the men’s crew tee with a pocket. We were both amazed at how incredibly soft the bamboo fabric was!

Read Organic Reviewer’s entire review of Cariloha Bamboo clothing here.

Cariloha Introduces New Bamboo Tanks and Skirts

18 Sep

Cariloha this week introduced three new bamboo Schaffer Tanks and three new bamboo Sinclair Skirts, featuring three new colors, Castle Rock, Magenta Haze and Bright Aqua.


Attractive, updated flower-and-petal print looks as stylish and soft as the fabric it’s made of. This new relaxed-fit tank features clean, smooth edging on armholes, neckline and waistline, giving it a classy look that’s still fun to wear around town. Tank has two different applications – heavier embroidery combined with screen printing on the stylish slub patterning.

Made from 60% organic cotton / 40% viscose from bamboo, the tank also features fashionable ruching around the neck and sewn-in Cariloha custom neck label with bamboo-soft tagging. Sporty, 2×1, ribbed neck and armhole.

Easily one of the most comfortable, playful skirts you’ll ever wear, and its bamboo-soft fabric and tailoring truly seal the deal. It features clean, finished edges that provide a classy look that’s perfect for an afternoon with the girls or for a swimsuit cover-up.

Made from 60% organic cotton / 40% viscose from bamboo, the A-line skirt has a fashionable sewn-in Cariloha custom waist label with a satin, wing vertical tag. The new skirt and tank can be matched together – but also look great to be worn separate, pairing with a racer tank or any style from the Bamboo Style Collection.

The tank is great to wear on warm summer days or to combine with a cardigan for spring and fall. The pattern and colors work well in any season. The bamboo tank also works well as a swimsuit cover-up.


You’ll love the feel of the bamboo/cotton blend against your skin – and you’ll probably just want to wear it right out of the Cariloha store and bag up your old clothes. The store staff won’t mind – trust us.

The tank is cute and casual and is great for any laid-back occasion. The skirt is fun, flirty, and playful and can be worn over a swimsuit or for a day out with the girls.

You’ll pray for warm days just so you can wear this tank and skirt combo!

Which is your favorite color option and when would you wear it most? Tell us in the comments.

6 Reasons to Go Bamboo

11 Sep

Not only are Cariloha’s bamboo clothing, bedding and bath goods irresistibly soft, they’re also 3 degrees cooler than cotton, moisture wicking, and odor resistant. You can breathe easier knowing that bamboo saves more trees, regenerates naturally and is among the most eco-friendly, renewable resources on the planet. We invite you to visit a Cariloha store for yourself, or shop online, and start living a lifestyle of natural luxury. Cariloha — Stay Cool, Wear Bamboo™.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Read the review of Cariloha Bamboo gear from an ultra-runner who’s putting bamboo to the ultimate test…


Cariloha: 6 Reasons to go Bamboo
By Landon Faulkner

Bamboo apparel is still left of mainstream, but with the help of Cariloha it is making a strong move towards being the go-to fabric in almost any situation. I have been wearing Cariloha products for a few months now during my training runs and I have a few observations about running in bamboo. Or in other words, six reasons you should go bamboo.

1.) Bamboo is Tough Stuff

First off, Cariloha’s bamboo apparel is tough, durable and will last forever. I wear Cariloha bamboo socks on every run and most days I decide to wear shoes (I prefer being barefoot or wearing sandals) and they have help up to the abuse better than any other sock I’ve worn. I’ve also been clumsy enough to take a couple hard falls while running after tripping on technical trails. While my skin has been grated off from the rocky trail like cheese my Cariloha performance crew has always escaped with nothing more than some dirt and dust from my ill-advised tumbles.

2.) Bamboo is Soft

I know it seems somewhat counterintuitive to first say that bamboo is tough then follow with how soft it is and chances are if you’ve never tried bamboo you really don’t know how soft it is. It is one of those “see it to believe it” type things, except you actually have to feel it, not just see it. As part of the fit line, Cariloha has the most comfortable shorts and pants you could dream of. My favorite piece of clothing to put on during those cold mornings and days are Cariloha’s Bamboo Training Pants. Slip these guys on and you’ll never want to wear anything else. Like all of Cariloha’s products these pants are softer than anything else you’ve worn, especially anything you’ve worn to train in.

3.) Bamboo Doesn’t Stink

One huge plus is that Cariloha bamboo products don’t stink. Bamboo is a natural fiber like cotton, which doesn’t easily harbor all that bacteria that makes your clothes stink like your synthetic options. For my to be able to enjoy a 2 or 3 hour run and not have Kyra pass out when I get home because I stink so bad is always a huge positive. That has been especially true with Cariloha’s Compression Shorts.

4.) Bamboo Wicks

I realize I just compared bamboo to cotton in my previous section, but only so far as they are both natural fibers and that’s where the similarities end. While cotton is absolutely rotten for almost any sport, bamboo easily and quickly wicks your sweat away helping keep you dry. I sweat like crazy when out on the trail and having a natural fiber shirt that wicks as well as Cariloha’s fit line is hard to beat.

Read the entire review by ultra-runner, Landon Faulkner, here.

Cariloha Bamboo Goods for Khumbu Climbing Center in Nepal

5 Sep

Recycle, renew, reuse, and replenish – bamboo is something we should all live with. Everyone who wears and uses Cariloha Bamboo goods is inherently giving back in some small way to a more earth-friendly world. Here at Cariloha, we’re not saying that you or us can save the world by ourselves or be the greenest person on the block, rather one small green act is one step in the right direction toward a more eco-friendly you and a greener world we all live in.

Recently, Cariloha donated several of its bamboo products to the Alex Lowe Foundation where 100 percent of the money raised goes to the Khumbu Climbing Center in Nepal. This climbing center is a place to train Sherpa Guides in the Everest region on safety protocols. The effort has been stepped up recently in response to the deaths of 16 Sherpas in an avalanche on Everest this past Everest season.

Khumbu Climbing Center Nepal - Alex Lowe Foundation

The Cariloha bamboo product donation and Alex Lowe Auction were held during the Psicobloc Deep Water Solo climbing competition this week up at the Olympic Training Facility in Park City, Utah. More details about this event and donation were featured at the Momentum Climbing gym near Cariloha’s worldwide headquarters in Sandy, Utah.

The Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation (ALCF) is dedicated to preserving Alex Lowe’s legacy by providing direction and financial support to sustainable, community-based humanitarian programs designed to help the people who live in remote regions of the world. This foundation carries on Alex’s spirit of adventure.

More info at

Running 10,000 miles around the USA in Cariloha Bamboo

4 Sep


While most of us on any given day are going about our daily routines, sitting at our desks, commuting to and from work, or attending school, the Cariloha-sponsored Miles 2 Give team is running. Not just a simple jaunt around the park either. They’re running upwards of 40-50 miles a day on some of America’s smallest-shouldered, freight-truck-honking roads imaginable – all in the name of giving and inspiring for sarcoma cancer research. At any given moment, you could safely ask, “Where are the Miles 2 Give team today?” And, most likely the simple, matter-of-fact answer would be, “They’re running…”

Where exactly is the Miles 2 Give team running these days? Here’s an update straight from the team itself on the mountainous roads of Montana, Idaho and Washington:

We’re just over 300 miles away from the Pacific Ocean! It’s incredible. We can’t believe we’re almost 4,000 miles into our journey….”

As we continue our trek to the Pacific Ocean, Miles 2 Give is constantly going through organic evolutions out here at 5mph. As we hit 3,500 miles recently, the very tole of that mileage was felt in every way – emotionally and physically. I got to tell you, Mary has been an absolute shining role model to countless women and Warriors worldwide. She has battled hip and knee issues since New York. She has seen weekly chiropractors, sports medicine doctors, massage therapists and athletic trainers. She is a 3,000-mile woman and STILL rocking strong.

At 5mph out here, we don’t miss anything. We see it all. We experience the truest of life’s connections in the deepest of woods and brightest of lights in cities. Connections made so genuine that everything about our unity with everyone we meet, they absorb everything about WHAT, HOW, AND WHY we are on this pursuit to give and inspire. Awareness so pure for each of your genuine brands, they are immediately sold on investing their hard-earned dollars into it all. It’s beautiful.

Daily, we hold people who simply cry when they meet us, tell us their story, and leave their mark on Life Elevated [the RV they're living out of for the next several months]. This rolling museum of connectivity is powerful. And, I am so proud to have each of YOU a part of this very important mission.

To recap, it’s our 4th month and 6th day of running. We’ve covered 3,542 miles on foot and have arrived at state #19, Washington. As of today we’ve raised $33,056 for research….

Way to go, Miles 2 Give! Don’t give up. We’re behind you all the way. See you on the West Coast! To get involved and to donate, visit

Cariloha Receives Fast 50 Award

28 Aug

Utah Business magazine this week honored Cariloha as the 17th fastest-growing company in Utah at the annual Fast 50 Awards event.

Fast 50 - Cariloha Ranks #17

Members of Cariloha’s Executive Team at the Fast 50 Awards (L to R): Dustin Tate (EVP/Sales), Jeff Pedersen (CEO), and Brent Rowser (CFO).

The 2014 Fast 50 is dominated by examples of and accompanied by illustrations of record growth and progression in industry. The Fast 50 program recognizes innovative companies that have the concepts and strategies in place to sustain record growth.

Hundreds of Utah-based companies seek to be on the list every year, and only 50 companies are selected. Cariloha ranked ahead of such outstanding companies as, USANA, and many others.

These fastest-growing companies came together under one roof at the Grand America Hotel to celebrate their economic successes, which collectively brought in more than $10 billion in revenue this past year alone. This year’s list actually contained 51 entries because of a tie for 50th place. The top 50 companies were selected on a combination of five years of revenue growth and revenue generation.

Also honored were the Emerging Eight—companies that have been in business less than five years but are experiencing significant growth.

Utah Business magazine put on the Fast 50 Awards and will feature the companies in September’s issue of the magazine. Fox 13 News anchor, Bob Evans, was the master of ceremonies for the event. The entire 2014 Fast 50 list is featured here.

In 2013 and 2014 Cariloha was named one of America’s fastest-growing companies on the Inc. 500|5000 list, and Founder and CEO, Jeff Pedersen, was recognized as CEO of the Year and an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur the Year® finalist winner in 2013 and 2014.