Enjoy Your Memorial Day Road Trip in Bamboo Comfort

21 May

Memorial Day, a holiday observed on the last Monday of May, honors men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. It wasn’t until 1971 that it became an official federal holiday. Many Americans use Memorial Day to visit cemeteries or memorials, hold family gatherings, or kick off summer by road tripping to a fun destination. As you observe Memorial Day, we want you to stay safe, smart, and comfortable while taking advantage of the long weekend.

Whether you’re heading to a breath-taking national park, or a distant relative whom you haven’t seen in a while, we believe that comfort should accompany you every step of the way. Road trips are a fun, memorable way to travel while taking in the beautiful sights around you. While AAA predicts Memorial Day weekend to have the highest travel volume in 10 years, that shouldn’t deter you from getting away from your home or office for an unforgettable three-day weekend. Proper planning is necessary in achieving a perfect road trip. Here are few tried and true tips to get you started on the right foot:

Examine your budget and determine your destination and route. Research the costs of the following and break it down:

- Fuel: Work out mileage to/from your destination by going to https://www.fueleconomy.gov/trip/#?

- Food: Eating out? Cooking at a campsite or kitchen? Usually estimate $10-$20 per person per meal. $5-$10 for children.

- Accommodations: Use sites such as Hotels.com, Hotwire, or HostelWorld. You have options depending on your needs.

- Shopping/Entertainment: Decide spontaneously what you want to do when you arrive or have a game plan before you go. Most destinations offer several free or reasonably affordable options. Try fitting in as many activities as possible or stick to one or two. Enjoying the outdoors in comfort is easy and affordable.

Preparing ahead of time for a road trip is important and vital for your safety. Make sure your car has been properly serviced as prevention is less expensive than fixing an issue. Check your brake pads, oil, headlights, and blinkers. Be sure tire pressure is efficient to ensure the best gas mileage. Check your oil, coolant, and water levels. Always pack an emergency kit, which should include the following:

- Spare tire with tools to change it

- First Aid Kit with Emergency Essentials

- Water

- Warm Cariloha Blankets

Packing effectively is essential for a memorable road trip because you don’t have a lot of space/room for what you may deem as a necessity. Make plenty of room for food, entertainment, and clothing.

Bamboo clothing, with its naturally odor-resistant and moisture-wicking qualities, is an awesome layer for traveling. Whether you’re traveling with Cariloha’s socks, underwear, comfort tees, or blankets, you’re guaranteed to travel in bamboo comfort while also packing light.

Your packing list will all depend on your final destination. Factor in camping essentials if you’re going somewhere isolated, or smarter clothing choices if you’re doing something more recreational.


Cariloha would like to thank and honor all men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Stay safe and comfortable this Memorial Day weekend and remember the reason for this national holiday.

Organic Spa Magazine Features Cariloha Bamboo

20 May

Bamboo Clothing With a Caribbean Flair
By Elke Erschfeld

Looking for souvenirs in the old town of San Juan, Puerto Rico, I noticed the store Cariloha a few weeks ago. It caught my attention, since it exclusively carries clothing, bedding, fitness wear and bath goods made out of bamboo. The store had many educational displays about the eco-friendly and soft properties of bamboo, like a chart that illustrated the rapid growth of the bamboo plant over the course of one day. According to the display, some species of bamboo, at maturity, will grow up to four feet every day. The display looked like a child’s growth chart, and visualized the progress after every four hours, which is incredible to see.

Upon my return to New York, I started doing some research on Cariloha and realized that the Caribbean-inspired brand was specifically designed with vacationers in mind. Bamboo is three degrees cooler than cotton, wicks moisture away from your body, and is naturally odor-resistant and hypoallergenic, which makes the eco-friendly material perfect for travel and workouts.

From the new collection, I like the Bamboo Racerback Cross Tanks in persimmon and white that are part of Cariloha’s fitness wear. They are made of 55 percent organic cotton, 40 percent bamboo viscose, and 5 percent elastane. As a souvenir, the Bamboo V-neck Tee made with 70 percent bamboo viscose and 30 percent organic cotton is fun with its retro hula girl graphic. For a more timeless piece, check out the Genesis Dress in Black/Grey that’s accented with hibiscus flowers and made with 66 percent bamboo viscose, 28 percent cotton and 6 percent spandex.

Bamboo has always been one of my favorite materials because of its soft and eco-friendly properties. The rapidly renewable resource requires no pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides, and not much water during the growing process. Bamboo releases 35 percent more oxygen into the air than an equivalent amount of trees. It prevents soil erosion since its roots remain in place after harvesting and basically adds nutrients back into the soil instead of depleting it.

So, if you should find yourself in the Caribbean any time soon, or if you’re just dreaming about going on a trip, check out one of Cariloha’s stores. It’s a cool experience to see an entire store designed around bamboo. You might be surprised how soft and versatile it is. Connect with Elke @eco_chic_design

6 Tricks to Guarantee the Best Sleep of Your Entire Life

19 May

Night time never seems long enough. Try these 7 tips to help you have the best sleep of your life.

Far too many of us have known the desperation of lying awake at night, knowing morning will come far too soon, starting a day of exhaustion. But there are steps to take to minimize the likelihood of tossing and turning and even allow you to wake refreshed and energized. Here are seven tips for getting the best sleep of your life.

Ban Blue Light

It may be tempting to catch up on your favorite show, a funny video or Facebook as you wind down, but the blue light from your phone may be causing more harm than you think. According to Web MD, those “short waves of blue light may interfere with sleep.” Turn off the TV, computer, or anything else that emits blue light an hour before going to sleep or you may compromise your sleep altogether.

Stick to a Sleep Schedule

Do you look forward to a nice weekend sleep-in? The Mayo Clinic doesn’t think that’s such a good idea. “Being consistent reinforces your body’s sleep-wake cycle and helps promote better sleep at night.”


Getting regular exercise during the day makes for a better night. Just don’t try working out right before you go to bed, or you might be too energized to go to sleep.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

If you drink anything containing caffeine, limit it to earlier in the day. Even eating chocolate in the evening can disrupt sleep. While a little warm milk may help you doze off, hot chocolate has a counter effect. According to WebMD, a light evening snack of complex carbs and dairy help induce sleep.

Take Some Time to Wind Down Properly

A bedtime routine isn’t just a good idea for kids, the National Sleep Foundation recommends a bedtime ritual for adults, as well. A nice ritual such as reading, taking a warm bath, listening to soft music or meditating helps separate sleep time from the activities that can cause excitement, stress or anxiety and brings closure to your day.

Evaluate Your Room

You may be a big fan of design and colors in your bedroom, but it’s best to design your room around what your body needs to sleep comfortably. Sleep.org recommends setting the thermostat between 60 and 67 degrees and removing outside noises that may disrupt your sleep. A pillow for your knees may help reduce lower back pain, and finding the right pillow and sheets that are soft and comfortable, even hypoallergenic can make all the difference.

Cariloha believes everyone deserves a little luxury and comfort — even when you’re asleep. Visit Cariloha.com to discover other ways Cariloha can help you sleep at night and make you feel like you are literally sleeping on clouds.

Cariloha Wins Best of State Award

15 May

BOS Medal Winner

Cariloha was announced this week as a Best of State winner!

For the sixth consecutive year, Cariloha won the Best of State award over hundreds of other applying and contending businesses.The winners were revealed at a special gala event at The Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Best of State Awards recognize outstanding individuals, organizations, and businesses in Utah. The panel of impartial Best of State judges determine individuals, businesses and organizations that excel in their endeavors, use innovative approaches or methods in their business practices, and contribute to a better quality of life in Utah.

Commenting on the award, Cariloha Founder and CEO, Jeff Pedersen, said, “We’re honored to receive this recognition for Cariloha and its growing Bamboo Nation. Our worldwide fans and staff, our amazing shopping experience, and our soft, comfortable bamboo products are what make Cariloha the BEST. Taking a moment to pause and celebrate this achievement helps validate our efforts over the past eight years, and we’re looking forward to even more growth in 2016 and beyond.”

Winners from each Best of State category receive a Best of State medal. Best of State winners also receive the right to display the Best of State logo and year of award on business correspondence, their website and other promotional materials.

BOS Statue Winner - statue

Medal winners are then resubmitted to the judges and scored again. The highest scoring entry from each of the 10 general categories is selected to receive the BOSS (Best of State Statue). Cariloha won the statue in 2010 and 2013.

Breathe Easy: The Importance of Breath for Physical and Mental Health

14 May


There’s nothing more natural than breathing; even an unborn baby makes breathing movements inside his or her mother’s body. Breathing is the most important function the human body performs. It delivers essential oxygen to the body’s cells and carries away harmful carbon dioxide. Our bodies are hard-wired to regulate breathing, so much so that most of us aren’t even aware of the breaths we take.

Breathing is unique among the body’s other metabolic functions. Unlike digestion or circulation, which are controlled entirely by the brain, humans can voluntarily control their respiration. This is important because humans in the modern era do a lot of things that damage and degrade their natural breathing patterns. Wearing tight or restrictive clothing, slouching over a laptop or book, having a sedentary lifestyle, and even living in a polluted environment all affect the body’s ability to breathe fully and correctly.

Don’t forget stress. Today’s adults report higher levels of stress than generations before them. In fact, over half of all Americans feel that they don’t manage their stress well. Stress releases adrenaline and cortisol into the blood stream, causing pulses to race, muscles to tighten, and breathing to quicken – responses that are hard on the body.

The Importance of Good Breathing on Overall Health

Most people today use only about a third of their lung capacity and take roughly 15 breaths per minute. But scientists have discovered that taking slower, deeper breaths, about 10 per minute, is actually best for overall good health. Don Campbell, co-author of “Perfect Breathing: Transform Your Life One Breath at a Time,” notes that deep breathing increases oxygen saturation in the body’s cells, unleashing “a cascade of positive effects, including giving you more energy and increased cognitive abilities.

The scientists also noted that breathing fewer than 10 breaths per minute engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for helping the body to relax when it has been injured. It also causes an increase in the brain’s alpha waves, the calming waves responsible for maintaining a relaxed, yet alert mental state.

Tips for Better Breathing

The most important thing for improving your breathing is to become more conscious of your breathing motions. Many doctors and sports professionals embrace the concept of “conscious breathing” as a way to improve physical and mental health. Conscious breathing utilizes various deep-breathing techniques to encourage individuals to take control of their breathing.

Abdominal breathing is a technique to help you slow down your breathing and completely empty your lungs of stale air. You can do this exercise either sitting up straight or lying down flat on your back. Place your hands on your stomach and breathe deeply through your nose. Feel your abdomen rise as you fill your lungs with air. Exhale slowly and let your stomach fall at the end of the breath to expel all the air. Repeat 10 times three or four times a day.

• Breathe and hold techniques help saturate your cells. Begin with a deep inhale and then activate your diaphragm with a quick burst exhale (think blowing out a candle). Slowly complete the exhale. Then inhale deeply and hold for 15-30 seconds. Exhale slowly. Repeat the inhale-hold-exhale maneuver for five minutes; repeat five times a day.

Let Your Body Breathe

Choosing the right clothing is essential to good breathing. Loose, comfortable clothing lets the body move naturally through breathing motions. Avoid tight belts, over-restrictive undergarments, and stiff fabrics that interrupt natural movements. Natural, breathable fibers like bamboo also encourage your body’s skin to “breathe,” as well, adding to your overall comfort and well-being.

Learning to be aware of — and control — your breathing lets you manage your stress and increase your overall health. Try these breathing techniques to relearn the way you breathe.







Embrace Your Inner Yogi with Bamboo Fit

8 May


Bamboo Fit is a unique range of yoga apparel including pants, tank tops, sports bras, jackets, and V-neck tops. Each garment is carefully created using bamboo, a material with special qualities that’s ideally suited for this type of exercise. Read on to discover why Bamboo Fit can help you discover your inner yogi.

Apparel is Naturally Soft

The first thing that most consumers notice about clothing made from bamboo is how incredibly soft it feels. Many people say it’s similar to the way that cashmere or silk feels against their skin. That’s because bamboo fibers have a naturally rounded surface, so they’re not abrasive to the touch. It makes bamboo garments incredibly comfortable to wear, especially for people who have sensitive skin and allergies.

Wick Moisture Away


Fabric made from bamboo is naturally absorbent, so it’s the ideal material for yoga clothes. Whenever you start sweating, from a big workout or the heat of a Bikram class, the material of your Bamboo Fit clothes will wick away the extra moisture from your skin. This natural benefit will make you feel much fresher while you’re working out.

Products Feel Comfortable All Year Round


The unique properties of bamboo make this material ideal for year round yoga practice. The cloth has miniscule spaces in the weave that allow it to breathe. This means you’ll feel cooler when you wear it, even when your Bikram instructor turns up the heat. On the flipside, bamboo is an excellent insulator so you’ll feel cozy wearing your Bamboo Fit clothes even during a winter yoga session.

UV Resistant

Yoga classes on the beach are no problem either when you’re wearing Bamboo Fit apparel. Bamboo has been proven to block around 98 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Along with your sunscreen, bamboo will give you an extra layer of protection when you’re exercising outdoors.

Naturally Odor Resistant

The bamboo plant features a natural odor-resistant and hypoallergenic agent known as bamboo kun. These properties of the plant’s fibers are found to be present in bamboo clothing and accessories, so your Bamboo Fit clothes won’t grow nasty odors or attract unwanted allergens. That should give you extra peace of mind if you’re prone to leaving your gym clothes in your duffle bag after your yoga session.

Garments are Eco-Friendly


Yoga’s become a popular way to relieve stress and stay in shape, but this ancient art holds a deeper meaning that connects practitioners to nature. As they adopt the poses of animals and trees, and salute to the moon and sun, yogis find themselves reconnecting with the natural world. So it makes sense to invest in yoga apparel which works in harmony with the planet.

Bamboo canes can grow one meter every day, so harvesting it is a very sustainable practice. Its roots retain water and hold the soil together, so its presence actually improves the Earth. This contrasts with cotton, whose plants are destroyed during harvest, leaving the soil vulnerable to erosion and water run-off.

Bamboo also doesn’t need a lot of water to grow. Most of the world’s bamboo plantations get all they require from natural rainfall. Compare that to a cotton plantation, which can require up to 20,000 liters of water to cultivate just a kilogram of fabric.

If you hate chemicals, you will love bamboo. This crop doesn’t attract pests or diseases, so farmers don’t need to resort to nasty sprays. In contrast, cotton farming uses 10 percent of the world’s pesticides and a quarter of its insecticides.

Whether you’re a yoga novice or a seasoned yogi, Bamboo Fit apparel can help you work out in comfort and style.







9 Things Mom Actually Wants on Mother’s Day

7 May


Moms have finally opened up about what they really want for Mother’s Day. And it isn’t what you’d expect.

Mother’s Day might be the most important holiday of the entire year. After all, where would we be without the mothers in our lives? But how do you show such an important woman how much you care for her?

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a mom who’s good at talking about things she wants. After all, she’s always focused on the needs and desires of everyone else. But after asking around, we’ve been able to come up with a few things moms actually want for Mother’s Day.

1. Let Her Sleep in

When was the last time the mom in your life got to sleep in? It was probably a time before she was even a mom. On Mother’s Day, give her the gift of extra sleep. And to keep the family occupied in the meantime, try making a few of her favorite things for breakfast, pick her a bouquet of wildflowers (or dandelions, as the case may be), and make a big banner that says, “We love you, Mom!”

2. Do the Chores (without being asked)

A lot of household chores fall on moms. Day in and day out, they do dishes and laundry, wash windows and toilets, make beds and vacuum floors. On this most special of days, the mom in your life shouldn’t have to do any chores. Give her a book and a bar of chocolate and tell her to go take a nap or take a walk while the family takes care of the house. (You might actually have to suggest activities for her to do because once she’s alone she won’t know what to do with herself.) At least once a year, every mom should get this well-deserved break.

You score extra points if you get some of the chores done the day before Mother’s Day, leaving less work and more family time for the big day itself.

3. Treat Her to a Spa Day

Could the mom in your life use some pampering? In case you didn’t know, the answer is always yes. Get her a gift card to her favorite nail salon, make a basket full of her favorite products (lotions, makeup, hand soap, etc.), or enlist the help of the kids in treating to her very own in-home spa treatment (give her a massage, soak her feet in scented water, paint her nails, etc.).

4. Create a Survival Kit

There are certain things every mom needs in a pinch: hand sanitizer, face wipes, lotion or lip balm, or maybe it’s her favorite candy bar or Coke product. Why not make her a survival kit she can turn to in a time of desperate need? Put everything in a jar or plastic container and personalize it according to the mom in your life. If your ideas get too big for a jar, feel free to upgrade to a larger container.

5. Frame Her Favorite Photos

Moms have tons of pictures of their children, but how often do they get around to printing those out and displaying them? It’s just one more thing on a to-do list that women never have enough time for. Take a load off your mom’s mind and delight her mommy heart by printing and framing a few family photos for her.

6. Make a Handmade Card

Store-bought cards are lovely, pithy, funny and sweet, but they still can’t compare to a sticky, hand-folded card with fingerprint smudges that her child made for her. You can never go wrong with handmade or homemade gifts on Mother’s Day.

7. “I Love You” Notes

Moms know they’re loved by the look in their children’s eyes and by the touch of their husbands’ hands, but they like to have reminders of just how much they’re appreciated, too. Challenge yourself to write down as many reasons as you can for why you love or appreciate the mom(s) in your life.

Then choose a creative way of presenting them to her. Cut them into strips and fill a Mason jar with them. Hide them around the house. Make a collage. Write one reason at the top of every page of a new journal. The presentation doesn’t matter as much as what’s written on those notes. She’s guaranteed to treasure those notes for years to come.

8. Tickets for Two

Does your mom or the mother of your children have a passion for a certain band, a theater production or a sports team? Get her a pair of tickets so she can have a night out to do something fun, just for herself, for once. It’s always more fun to go with a friend, though, which is why she’ll need two tickets.

9. Some Forethought

The best Mother’s Day gift: evidence that you didn’t throw it together last-minute. Moms don’t want to be asked the night before, “Was there anything special you wanted tomorrow?” At that point if there was something, it’s too late for you to go get it anyway, and now you’re basically asking her to plan her own Mother’s Day gift or celebrations.

Start thinking about Mother’s Day a good month ahead (next time around), so you have time to buy or make a gift that truly shows how much you care.

Cariloha believes every woman deserves luxury on her special day. Seize the moment to spoil her, pamper her and surprise her with some gifts she will really love. Still can’t find the right gift? Visit Cariloha.com for more gift ideas that will make your mom feel the love she truly deserves.

Destin’s First Cariloha Bamboo Store Opens in HarborWalk Village on May 9

4 May


Bamboo clothing, bedding and bath goods retailer, Cariloha, is opening its first store in Destin’s HarborWalk Village at 10 Harbor Blvd with a grand opening celebration on May 9.

DESTIN, FLORIDA – The first Cariloha store in Destin is opening at 10 Harbor Blvd. in HarborWalk Village with a grand opening celebration on May 9 where the first 50 Cariloha customers will receive a free pair of their ultra-soft, eco-friendly bamboo socks.

Store grand opening visitors will also enjoy free refreshments and bamboo-product giveaways, along with the opportunity to experience Cariloha’s entire line of bamboo products, including men and women’s apparel, bedding, bath goods, fitness wear, handbags, and more, all made of bamboo fabrics. Cariloha’s flagship products include luxurious, irresistibly soft and eco-friendly sheets and towels.


The name “Cariloha” comes from a combination of “Cari” for Caribbean and “loha” for “aloha” from Hawaii: the Cariloha bamboo concept was inspired by the breezy, relaxed lifestyle of the islands. Cariloha is the only multi-store retailer in the world to provide an entire store experience that’s completely merchandised with products made from bamboo fabrics. Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on the planet and produces more oxygen than a comparable number of trees.

For Destin, in particular, with its semi-tropical climate, bamboo clothing and linens offer unique benefits. Bamboo fabric is 3 degrees cooler than cotton and wicks moisture away from the skin. Twice as soft as cotton, the “green,” eco-friendly fabric also repels odor and is hypoallergenic. Above all, bamboo fabric is unbelievably soft, comparable to luxury fabrics like cashmere and silk — without the luxury fabric price.


Cariloha Destin store manager, Maggie Russell, who’s lived in Destin for nearly four years now, first experienced the softness of Cariloha bamboo apparel back in 2012. She will be staffing this corporately owned store with around 10 local staff members and two corporately hired interns.

“I’m most looking forward to offering our bamboo products to locals and vacationers who are unfamiliar with Cariloha,” said Russell. “Customers will find that Cariloha offers a style and quality of products that are unmatched.”

Destin is a perfect fit for cool, soft bamboo apparel and linens. The Destin store, even before its grand opening, is already attracting visitors seeking the Cariloha bamboo experience. The store staff is dedicated to providing a unique and educational shopping experience for all their customers. The store utilizes educational panels, which help to inform customers of the bamboo features and benefits of the comfortable, green fabric.


All Cariloha guests receive a free bamboo lei (necklace) just for stopping by the store, which helps proliferate the bamboo, eco-friendly attitude throughout the HarborWalk Village. Cariloha staffers encourage visitors to touch and feel the bamboo-soft difference of their shirts, bed sheets, towels, and hand bags for themselves.

Cariloha has been rapidly expanding its international and domestic presence for the past seven years now with 19 corporately owned and 33 independently owned stores in 14 countries. Florida is home to Cariloha stores in Key West, St. Augustine, Panama City Beach, Orlando, and now Destin. Other stores are found in Mexico, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Barbados, Aruba, Curacao, Honduras, St. Maarten, Bahamas, Antigua, Bonaire, Jamaica and various cities throughout the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii.