Great Day Houston Shops Cariloha Bamboo under the Radar

23 Apr

When improving your home, sometimes soft touches make a big difference.

Great Day Houston’s Courtney Perna went Shopping Under the Radar (KHOU News Series) at Cariloha Bamboo in Rice Village, Houston, Texas.

Find out what she discovers while shopping incognito at the Cariloha bamboo store.

What upgrades have you made in your home, using Cariloha bamboo bedding and bath goods, that are helping you live a more naturally luxurious lifestyle?

DIY Terrarium for Earth Day

22 Apr

Add greenery to your home or office space with a Terrarium. Not only are they tranquil and exquisite, but they’re also easy to build and maintain. Terrariums allow you to grow plants that require a high degree of humidity, which would probably perish in the dry atmosphere of a heated home. The plants transpire moisture through their leaves, which then condenses on the glass or plastic, and flows back to the soil. This moisture cycle then allows the terrarium to go for long periods of time without watering. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up and build your own terrarium:

Set up is the most important part of building your own terrarium. As with any landscaping project, selecting appropriate plants or succulents is important. A closed terrarium retains more moisture, while an open terrarium requires more frequent watering, but is less prone to disease and easier to manage. Choosing your container is all a matter of preference.

1. Gravel: The bottom layer is for drainage and consists of river stones of your choice. Proper drainage is essential to ensure that the soil doesn’t become over-saturated. We suggest spreading at least a half inch of drainage stones across the entire bottom of your terrarium.

2. Charcoal: On top of your drainage layer, spread evenly a layer of activated charcoal or carbon. This layer will help clean the air and absorb any unpleasant odors.

3. Soil: The final layer should fill a few inches of your container. To make it more realistic, add contour to the landscape with different levels of soil.

4. Plant: Whatever you choose, they should be compact and slow growing and should all be able to survive in the same conditions as their companion plants. Choose a variety of heights, textures, shapes, and colors.

5. Accessorize: Use stones, moss, or pieces of wood as landscape accents to give personality to your new terrarium. Remember to keep additions to the miniaturized.

scale of the surrounding terrarium.

After planting and accessorizing, the soil should be slightly moistened. Never allow the soil to be soggy. Check the terrarium frequently as it may become necessary to prune or replace dead plants.

Excessive watering is the number one terrarium-maintenance problem. Terrariums should only be watered when the soil is dry to the touch. When in doubt, always water less, but watch careful to ensure your plants don’t dry and wilt. Have fun and be creative.

Happy Earth Day!



10 Cost-Effective Ways to Enjoy a More Sustainable Life

17 Apr


Sustainable. What does it mean to you? With an increased public awareness in the “being green” movement due to changes in our climate and resources, the word sustainable continues to be more relevant than ever before. Many think that living a more sustainable life means spending large amounts of money to make these changes, but that’s not the case. Here are 10 easy ways to make changes toward a more sustainable life that’s light on the wallet and good on the environment:

1. Invest in a compost bin. Instead of throwing organic materials into our rapidly filling landfills, you can transform that material into black gold for your yard and garden. Composting is a great way to dispose of unsightly organic waste and improve the quality of your soil at the same time. Check this link for a great, inexpensive way of building your own.

2. Transition to using more natural oils. Coconut oil, for example, is not only good for cooking and baking, but for personal use as well. You’ll no longer spend money on lotions, cleansers, after-shave, etc. Here’s a list of 80 ways you can implement coconut oil in your life.

3. Preserve your own food. Reusable jars with your own preservatives makes much more sense than continuously purchasing new containers. Here are some recipes for jelly, salsa, syrups, fruits, etc.

4. Purchase a reusable water bottle or infuser. As convenient as it is to purchase a new plastic water bottle daily, you’ll cut back over $500 a year on water bottles by switching to a plastic or metal water bottle. Infusers are also great alternatives to add organic fruits or veggies to your water to give it more nutrients and flavor. Here are some natural, and beautiful ways to begin infusing in your new water bottle.

5. Purchase more reusable items while straying away from disposables. Make the change to be paper towel/napkin free. Use towels and rags as cloth napkins for both cleaning and everyday use. Stock up on reusable utensils and plates that could be used for party supplies. Less paper and plastic waste leaves less of a carbon footprint. To save money, you can also make your own cloth napkins here.

6. Invest in mulch in your gardens. Cover up your lawn by using mulch around your plants and lawn to cut the amount of water lost through evaporation by 70%. Not only are you conserving water, but you’re creating a new, clean look for your landscaping. Get landscaping and mulching tips and suggestions here.

7. Plant a garden! Create some space in your yard, or a window-sill for your own herb, fruit, or vegetable garden. April is the perfect month to get this started. This is a fun way of lowering your grocery bill and carbon emissions. The farther your food travels to reach your plate, the greater the energy and associated greenhouse emissions. Here are three easy steps in creating and planning your personal vegetable garden.

8. Make your own cleaning supplies. You can make effective, non-toxic cleaning products whenever you need them. Start with simple recipes such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and soap. This will save you money, time, and packaging- not to mention your indoor air quality. Find some cleaning-supply recipes here.

9. Change your lighting at home. By choosing compact fluorescent bulbs over incandescent bulbs, you will save money through time while using less energy. These bulbs will last over 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. They will also convert more of the electricity supplied into visible light than their popular counterparts. You can find lightbulb options through

10. Shop locally. Some cities are home to more local farmers than others, but finding local markets where you can pick up fresh produce and locally grown meats are still out there. It may not always seem practical, but if you start supporting the smaller, locally owned businesses in your community, you’ll not only be stimulating the local economy, you’ll also find yourself eating healthier, in-season foods.

Whether you’re tackling one, two, five or all 10 of these tips, the point is that doing even one of them is a good first step in the right direction. Living a sustainable life doesn’t always mean making expensive changes. Small changes make the biggest differences. What other tips for being more sustainable do you have?

Sleep Better in Bamboo Sheets

10 Apr


It’s no secret a good night’s sleep is essential to your physical health and sense of well-being. It improves your ability to think on your feet, learn new skills, and get along with others. If you aren’t sleeping well, your life suffers. Bamboo sheets solve a multitude of sleeping problems. Whether you suffer from hot flashes, hate the scratchy feel of cotton-blend fabrics, or worry about more sustainable textiles, you’ll sleep better in bamboo sheets. Here are some of the advantages bamboo sheets have to offer.

Indescribably Soft

Bamboo textiles have a sheen that rivals silk, and a hand feel that compares to cashmere. Bamboo viscose fabrics get softer with every wash, and they resist unsightly and uncomfortable pilling that interfere with deep sleep. Most bamboo sheets have a 300 to 400 bamboo thread count, which actually exceeds the softness and comfort of 1,000-count Egyptian cotton sheets.

Great for Thermal Regulation

Bamboo sheets wick away moisture better than other natural fabrics. If you are a hot sleeper or in the throes of menopausal night sweats, you’ll love the way bamboo sheets keep you comfortable. Bamboo plants are highly water-absorbent; they can absorb three times their weight in water. Bamboo sheets share that quality, easily wicking away sweat for quick evaporation to keep you cool. Bamboo also has incredible insulating properties, so you stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Repels Odor

Textiles made from bamboo fibers are naturally resistant to odors that cause sheets to smell bad in warm weather. “Bamboo kun” is a naturally occurring substance in bamboo sheets; it is odor-resistant and anti-fungal, even after frequent washings. Unlike cotton sheets that absorb and retain odors from sweat and other bodily fluids, bamboo sheets stay fresh and odor-free between washings.

Naturally Anti-Allergenic

Those with allergies and sensitive skin have several choices in bedding materials, but most anti-allergenic sheets are treated with chemicals to reduce allergic reactions. Bamboo sheets are naturally anti-allergenic; in addition, bamboo plants require virtually no pesticides or harmful chemicals during the growth process, further reducing the potential for sensitivity. Bamboo textiles also require far less dye than their cotton counterparts, meaning that bamboo sheets require far fewer non-organic and earth-friendly components.

Move with You

Bamboo’s incredible lightness and softness make it a perfect choice for comfortable bedding textiles. Unlike stiffer cottons and synthetic rayon fabrics, bamboo sheets move with you as you shift positions during the night. Most people change their sleep positions more than five times each night; bamboo sheets don’t restrict your body’s natural movements during sleep. Their unique draping characteristics let them easily move with you, letting you stay asleep no matter how many times you change positions during the night.

Good for the Environment

Bamboo is highly sustainable. Some strains of bamboo grow at an astonishing rate of 12 to 24 inches per day, and they require no fertilizers, pesticides, or even irrigation to sustain their miraculous growth. Bamboo regenerates itself, growing back to its full size and glory after being harvested without needing to be replanted.

Cotton, on the other hand, accounts for 10 percent of all the agricultural chemical use worldwide. And cotton is water-hungry: It takes over 5,200 gallons of water to produce enough cotton for just one pair of jeans and one T-shirt.

Bamboo is also biodegradable. Discarded bamboo sheets and textiles won’t languish in landfills taking years to decompose like synthetic fabrics. Bamboo sheets are natural and organic and decompose like other organic plant matter and don’t release harmful gases into the environment.

If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, consider switching to soft, breathable, and environmentally friendly bamboo sheets.


6 Surprising Things That Can Be Made From Bamboo

9 Apr


Bamboo has gained massive popularity in recent years for its green credentials, accessibility, and versatile nature. Everyone’s seen bamboo fencing and bamboo floorboards, but you might be surprised to know that these five goods are made from bamboo, too!

Bed Sheets: A Soft and Sustainable Sleep

If you’re used to seeing bamboo in its original cane form, you might be surprised to discover bamboo can actually be turned into luxuriously soft bed sheets and other linens. The secret is bamboo’s naturally rounded fibers, which don’t feel abrasive against the skin like some other materials.

The Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets available from Cariloha are made from 320 thread count bamboo sateen, so they’re much softer than classic sheets that have a 230 thread count. Bamboo’s natural softness is enhanced with a sateen finish for the ultimate night’s sleep.

Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets cost $239 for queen size and $259 for king at Cariloha.

Baby Wipes: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Wipes

Traditional baby wipes are a nightmare for environmentalists, a single-use product usually made from non-biodegradable materials doused in a chemical cocktail. Bum Boosa came up with a better solution with its bamboo baby wipes. Bamboo is a sustainable material, so it makes the perfect choice for disposable wipes. Rather than chemicals, Bum Boosa’s wipes are enhanced with essential oils and plant-based ingredients.

Twelve packs of Bamboo Baby Wipes are available from Bum Boosa for $59.99.

Toilet Paper: A Planet-Saving Way to Flush

Did you know that the world’s flushing the equivalent of 27,000 trees down the toilet every day? That’s the toll that traditional toilet paper takes on the planet. Bamboo toilet paper sounds a bit weird, but the soft fibers quickly convert anyone that’s not sure about the idea.

Several companies sell eco-friendly toilet paper made from a mix of bamboo and sugarcane, but Bum Boosa is one of the only firms to produce toilet paper made entirely from bamboo.

Bum Boosa sells 36 rolls of its 220/3-ply bamboo toilet paper for $46.35.

Skateboards: Ollie the Green Way

Bamboo fans say that you can do anything with bamboo that you can with wood, so perhaps this isn’t such a surprising product after all. However, you’d surely turn heads if you arrived at the skate park with one of BambooKI’s beauties. This online store sells bamboo skateboards ranging from 32 inches to 44 inches. It also has a variety of skateboard shapes and designs that help bring out the natural beauty of their bamboo finish.

Prices start at $55 with wheels, or $30 for the deck alone from BambooKI.

Deodorizers and Dehumidifiers: Eliminate Odors and Moisture Around the Home Naturally

We’re becoming familiar with material and wood made from bamboo, but bamboo charcoal is just beginning to hit the mainstream. This unique substance is crafted from the moso bamboo, a vigorous growing plant that can reach heights of 60 feet in just a couple of months. As it grows so rapidly, millions of tiny holes appear in the plant. These holes give the bamboo charcoal its unique deodorizing properties. The Chinese have used it for centuries, but the Western world’s only just beginning to catch up.

The odor eliminating properties of bamboo charcoal are four times more potent than traditional charcoal. You can use it to get rid of odors in your fridge, gym bag, diaper pail, pet’s litter box, and more. Bamboo charcoal also absorbs moisture, so it works as a great dehumidifier for closets and drawers.

EverBamboo sells bamboo deodorizers and dehumidifiers in a range of sizes from $7.99.

Bamboo’s versatility means it can be used to make virtually anything, including the amazing items highlighted in this article.


Get $5 Off Your In-Store Purchase for Getting Social with Cariloha

3 Apr

We’re excited to introduce a new way for you to continue being involved in Cariloha’s Bamboo Nation long after you’ve shopped the store! Throughout this month, you can get $5 off your in-store purchase, at any participating Cariloha store, just for liking or following @cariloha on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

You get a nice discount, AND you get to hang out with Cariloha as often as you’d like on its social media sites. Once you become a fan of Cariloha on social media, you’ll receive daily information on deals, promotions, giveaways, discounts, new product and store announcements, and much more.

Here’s How it Works:

As a paying customer in a participating Cariloha store, you’ll get $5 off your purchase for ‘LIKING or FOLLOWING’ Cariloha on your smart phone on either, or Remember to show one of the sales associates that you’ve liked/followed us on your phone to get the $5 off.

It’s that simple!

You amazing fans are vacationing and visiting Cariloha stores all over the map these days, and these social outlets are intended to help you stay in touch with Cariloha, to ask questions about the brand, and to get exclusive deals.

Get involved by ‘LIKING’ or ‘FOLLOWING’ @cariloha at a participating Cariloha store near you or on your next vacation, and be part of the #BambooNation all year long. See you soon!

Important Notes: Offer is not combinable. Limit one offer per paying customer. Offer expires April 30, 2015. Multiple offers may be given if multiple members of a family like/follow us on SEPARATE accounts, as long as there is at least one purchase per offer given.

5 Reasons Bamboo Clothing is so Popular among Teenagers

2 Apr


Teens may have a variety of specialized reasons for loving bamboo clothing. But there are a few reasons that stand out above the most noticeable ones that bamboo clothing is so popular among teens. These reasons can have a positive effect on their self-esteem, sociability, and even their academic performance!

1. Bamboo Clothing Keeps Teens Cool and Dry

Bamboo stays cool relative to someone’s body temperature and helps to wick away moisture. This means that teens stay cool and comfortable while playing games with friends outside, playing sports, or even taking exams at school to pass classes.

Studies have shown that a comfortable body temperature helps to improve people’s performance on academic examinations. When people are more comfortable physically, they tend to be calmer. When they’re calm, their mind is clearer and it can be easier to recall information that they’ve learned to then respond to exam questions.

Being cool and dry throughout the day also helps fight off one of the most dreaded conditions for teens: body odor. Being cool and dry means you have to worry less about smelling bad or even developing armpit stains from sweat. These types of body issues can damage a reputation in a heartbeat, lowering a teen’s self-esteem, damaging their self-image, and increasing emotions like sadness, dejection, and social anxiety.

2. Bamboo Clothing is a Great Way to Start a Conversation

Because of its special makeup, bamboo clothing can be a great way to start or maintain a conversation in social settings. Teens can talk to their friends, people they want to be friends with, or even someone they have a crush on about how their clothes are made and the benefits of wearing bamboo fabric instead of more common textiles like cotton or polyester.

3. Bamboo Clothing is Hypoallergenic

Bamboo clothing is less likely to lead a teen to experience the chafing that can come with other fabrics. When they are trying to spend time with friends and enjoy themselves, constantly having to scratch their back, arms, or legs or regularly having to adjust their clothing is distracting and unpleasant.

4. Bamboo Clothing Protects the Body

The bamboo plant itself has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can help keep teens more sanitary than normal. Bamboo also has a natural SPF of about 14, so it helps to prevent sunburn. Teens appreciate the convenience that bamboo offers by helping keep them cleaner (which could help them experience fewer common illnesses like colds), and protected from the sun, saving them the pain of the burning, itching, and scaling that comes with sun burn.

5. Bamboo Clothing is Organic and Sustainable

Teens can take comfort in knowing that their clothing was made from a plant that replants itself, is fast-growing, is plentiful, and is naturally resistant to pests. This means that bamboo can be harvested without taking food away from animals and without using pesticides that can be harmful to the environment and people’s health.

Teens love bamboo clothing because it’s cool — physically and socially. Shop now to get bamboo clothes and accessories your teen will love!

Five Reasons Real Men Wear Bamboo

27 Mar


Over the years, bamboo has increased in popularity because of its many advantages over cotton as a raw material for textiles. However, it also has several natural advantages over other materials that make it an obvious choice for any man. Yet, the benefits of bamboo are still a secret to some. Bamboo is too great to be kept hidden, so here are five benefits and reasons why real men wear bamboo:

Moisture Wicking

It’s made into fabric that’s naturally moisture wicking, keeping sweat away from your skin, leaving your body dry and comfortable. For physically active men who exercise consistently, the fabric’s breathable composition makes it desirable. You’ll look slick without looking sweaty.

It’s Odor Resistant

Men’s athletic clothing has a reputation for being stinky. However, the unique properties of bamboo fabric make it hard for odors to creep in, allowing your clothing to better avoid being smelly even after several days. It also repels allergens, meaning you won’t have itchy, scratchy skin irritations. Besides being naturally resistant to odors and allergens, it’s also impervious to mildew, making it the model choice for active men who don’t do laundry as often.

Soft, Smooth, and Suave

Ideal for men who want to feel and look luxurious, bamboo is smooth and soft, with anti-static properties that allow the fabric to rest gently on your skin rather than clinging to it. Pectin, the secret natural component to bamboo’s softness makes it ideal for infants, but magnificently smooth and comfortable for men of all ages.

Sensitive to Your Skin

Allergy prone? Sensitive skin? Don’t worry, bamboo clothing has you covered. It also cuts out nearly 98 percent of harmful UV rays, making it the perfect choice for holidays, traveling, or spending a few hours under the midday sun. To put that into perceptive, this makes bamboo fabric more than sixty percent better than cotton at protecting you from harmful sun exposure.

Cool and Hot

Need a stylish polo shirt you can wear year-round, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer? Like wool, bamboo has hollow microfiber, allowing you to stay warm. Yet, it’s breathable making it a strong solution for when the temperature is hot out. Even if aspects of the fabric aren’t 100 percent bamboo, it has still been found to lower heat transmission and offer improved heat resistance.

Those are just five ways bamboo fabric is beneficial for men, making it an obvious choice for the male wardrobe. However, real mean don’t just wear bamboo for the benefits it gives them. They also wear bamboo for it’s benefits onto others. Bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable resource since it grows quickly, doesn’t require earth-harming pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers, and is 100 percent biodegradable. Furthermore, bamboo needs less space and water to grow than cotton, making it a superior choice for the eco-friendly male.

All these benefits still not enough? Wear bamboo once and you’ll never want to wear cotton again. What other benefits to bamboo clothing have you found in your own life?