Bamboo Clothing, Bedding and Bath Goods Retailer, Cariloha, Launches Bamboo Bath Mats

18 Apr

Cariloha Bamboo Bath Mat

Cariloha’s made-from-bamboo bath mats are available exclusively at Cariloha stores.

This week, Cariloha Bamboo launched its large and small bath mats made from eco-friendly bamboo-fabric blends. Designed by Cariloha’s product and design team, the new mats are available exclusively at Cariloha stores. Not only do these new mats broaden Cariloha’s Bamboo Bath collection, but they also provide customers with a luxuriously soft option that’s both simple and sustainable.

The Cariloha bamboo bath mats feature a popular white-on-white Chevron pattern that goes well with any bathroom design and layout. The fabric content is 60% viscose from bamboo and 40% organic cotton. Retail pricing: $59 (large mat, 24” x 40”) and $34 (small mat, 16” x 24”).

“These plush, quick-drying bamboo mats have a woven backing for added durability and help you create a spa ambiance in your own home,” said Scott Brady, Cariloha VP of Communications. “It’s loomed from the finest bamboo blend and sheared for ultra-soft feel and high absorbency.”

Cariloha bamboo bath mats are designed to be spa-quality luxury mats for normal bathroom use. They are not meant for mud rooms or home entry ways. “The delicate care shown on the labels is to maintain the plush and soft feel of the mats (the fabric integrity),” said Brady. “They are very durable and tough and won’t fall apart or come undone, but they must be cared for in a particular manner if customers want them to stay luxuriously soft.”

“If customers are from a warm, humid climate, the hypoallergenic, odor-resistant properties of the bamboo mats help prevent skin irritation and mildew smells, unlike non-bamboo mats,” said Brady. “Allergies, odors and heat are repelled easier because of the naturally occurring bamboo properties, which make the mats ideal for a typically moist bathroom environment.”

Cariloha Bamboo woven mats come with a 90-day quality guarantee. If the mats don’t live up to the customers’ expectations, Cariloha will replace them without reservation.

The bamboo mats are machine washable on delicate cycle and recommended to hang dry. To preserve fabric plushness, Cariloha does not recommend ringing, shaking or vacuuming them.

The bath mats are also eligible for customers who spend a minimum of $79 to drop ship them free to any U.S. mailing address.

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with Cariloha Bamboo

17 Apr

cariloha bamboo towels

Cariloha looks at bamboo as something we can all live with. Everyone who wears and uses Cariloha Bamboo goods is intrinsically giving back to a more eco-friendly world. Because bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world, its environmental benefits are remarkable. Bamboo can replace or indirectly decrease consumption of three critically scarce resources: wood, metal, and oil.

Getting involved with Cariloha Bamboo on Earth Day can be as easy as switching out your cotton towels for bamboo towels. To make that proposition a little easier for you, Cariloha will be offering all its customers an additional 10% off all sale items on its website. You can see more details on on April 22.

Because Cariloha Bamboo requires no fertilizer, pesticides or chemicals to grow, it has no harmful residues left on it compared with non-sustainable, chemically damaging cultivation that other fabrics may require. Cariloha Bamboo fabric uses modern manufacturing processes to convert the bamboo pulp or cellulose fibers into viscose from bamboo. Viscose fabric derives its name from the process by which it’s made. In simple terms, the viscose process we use turns hard bamboo into a soft, threadlike bamboo viscose.

In a time when global warming, depletion of resources and deforestation threatens the balance of the delicate natural world and its divers eco-systems, Cariloha Bamboo is making a name for itself as a viable solution and resource that’s both remarkably useful and environmentally friendly. Bamboo horticulturists from all over the world consider bamboo to be one of the most sustainable, renewable resources known on the planet. This is evidenced in some species of bamboo that have been known to grow up to four feet a day and reach maturity within two years – a mere fraction of the 50-60 years it takes for traditional timber to grow to maturity and become ready for harvesting. After harvesting bamboo, it rapidly self-propagates and new bamboo forests quickly spring up, preventing deforestation and soil erosion that is common with other types of timber and plant harvests.

With carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere on the rise, Cariloha Bamboo becomes a highly beneficial tool to clean the air we breathe. Bamboo and other plants convert carbon dioxide into clean breathable oxygen; however, bamboo does it much better than your average tree. Stands of bamboo can produce 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.

Because Cariloha Bamboo repels odor and wicks away moisture naturally, consumers can expect to wash their bamboo towels and sheets less often. Most cotton/polyester towels need to be washed after a few days of use, but Cariloha Bamboo towels can go as long as two weeks before washing, probably longer, but what would the neighbors think…?

Since bamboo plays a diverse and important role in a wide range of markets, including renewable energy, climate mitigation, bio-plastics, housing and household materials, medicine and musical instruments, Cariloha is committed to promoting sustainable bamboo harvesting practices worldwide through its bamboo products and processes.

• Cariloha uses only organic bamboo fabric blends.
• Cariloha Bamboo is organically grown.
• Cariloha Bamboo does not use bleach on its products before the dying process.
• Cariloha retail shopping bags are made of bamboo, adding to the complete, unique bamboo experience.
• Cariloha Bamboo apparel is OEKO-TEX100 certified, meaning no harmful chemicals were used during production, and they’re certified to be chemical free.

Cariloha is a Bamboo Fan’s Paradise

11 Apr

Cariloha Bamboo bed sheets continue to attract customers seeking the best in naturally luxurious linens. Not only are they softer than 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton, but they also keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer thanks to bamboo’s inherent thermal-regulating properties. They make a big difference for people who suffer from night sweats. If that wasn’t enough, bamboo sheets are odor resistant and good for the environment, too. But, don’t take our word for it…

Read the helpful insights from this media product reviewer who shares her personal, unbiased experiences with Cariloha Bamboo Bed Sheets

Sammi's Blog of Life reviews Cariloha Bamboo Sheets

Cariloha Bamboo Bed Sheet Review
By Sammi’s

There’s nothing quite like one’s bed. The comfort and warmth it provides surpasses anything in life. On weekend mornings, I enjoy lying in bed with my husband and dog while watching TV. It’s been so cold lately; it’s especially hard to get out of bed on those frigid mornings! If you do lay in bed a lot, it’s essential to make sure you have a comfortable mattress along with soft sheets on your bed. For an extra boost, don’t forget that luxurious memory foam mattress topper. We spend so many hours a night sleeping, why not make it an oasis of comfort?

Cariloha is a bamboo fan’s paradise. They take hard bamboo that they then use for their products. Everything sold at Cariloha has bamboo in it. Some of their products include bedding and towels, women’s and men’s clothing, housewares, jewelry, and much more. All products are quality made and built to last. You’d never think that you would be drying yourself off after a shower with a bamboo towel, or sleeping on bamboo sheets did you? I know I could never imagine that.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member’s birthday, I suggest something from Cariloha. You’ll never have to worry about them already having bamboo earrings!

Read the Sammi’s entire review about Cariloha Bamboo bed sheets here.

Cariloha selected as an Entrepreneur of the Year award finalist

10 Apr

2014 EOY Regional Finalist Logo

Ernst & Young announces Cariloha CEO, Jeff Pedersen, is an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2014 Award Finalist

EY today announced that Founder and CEO, Jeff Pedersen, of Cariloha is a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2014 Award in the Utah Region. The awards program recognizes entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities. Pedersen was selected as a finalist from nearly 50 nominations by a panel of independent judges. Award winners will be announced at a special gala event on May 29, 2014 at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Cariloha is an international retail brand that specializes in clothing, bedding and bath goods made from eco-friendly bamboo. The brand has grown to become the only multi-store retailer in the world to provide an entire store experience that’s completely merchandised with bamboo-based products.

Now in its 28th year, the program has expanded to recognize business leaders in more than 145 cities in more than 60 countries throughout the world.

Regional award winners are eligible for consideration for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year National program. Award winners in several national categories, as well as the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year National Overall Award winner, will be announced at the annual awards gala in Palm Springs, California, on November 15, 2014. The awards are the culminating event of the EY Strategic Growth Forum®, the nation’s most prestigious gathering of high-growth, market-leading companies.

About Cariloha
Established in 2007, Cariloha is the only multi-store retailer in the United States to provide an entire store experience that’s completely merchandised with products made of bamboo. The product line features an exclusive collection of apparel, accessories, home décor, bedding and bath goods and more all made from bamboo. Cariloha’s soft, breezy bamboo goods were first seen out of three, full stores in Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Cozumel, Mexico; and St. Thomas, USVI. Since the first three stores in 2008, Cariloha has already opened stores in 13 countries and growing. Cariloha has quickly become one of the fastest-growing merchants promoted on board Carnival, Celebrity, Disney, Princess, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Today, thanks to an ever-growing, rich supply of bamboo, Cariloha continues to offer an exclusive collection of apparel, accessories, home décor, bed and bath sets and more all enjoying the strength, soft touch, and green ‘footprint’ of this renewable resource.

About EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ is the world’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs. The unique award makes a difference through the way it encourages entrepreneurial activity among those with potential and recognizes the contribution of people who inspire others with their vision, leadership and achievement. As the first and only truly global award of its kind, Entrepreneur Of The Year celebrates those who are building and leading successful, growing and dynamic businesses, recognizing them through regional, national and global awards programs in more than 145 cities in more than 60 countries.

About EY
EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. The insights and quality services we deliver help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over. We develop outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our promises to all of our stakeholders. In so doing, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities.

EY refers to the global organization, and may refer to one or more, of the member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited, each of which is a separate legal entity. Ernst & Young Global Limited, a UK company limited by guarantee, does not provide services to clients. For more information about our organization, please visit

Can Bamboo really be made into a Soft, Eco-Friendly Fabric?

4 Apr

bamboo drying

When I first learned about bamboo fabric, I couldn’t help but go back to the two years when I lived in Costa Rica where bamboo plants grew abundantly along the river beds in almost every small town and major city throughout the country. I never once thought of bamboo being converted into organic bamboo apparel or bamboo sheets. It was simply a hard, woody plant that grew in dense jungles and was a favorite snack for panda bears. That’s it. Nothing more. Clearly, I was wrong. When I first slept on bamboo sheets, I couldn’t believe how silky soft they felt. They were so smooth and light that I thought they would rip, but I was wrong again. They’ve actually been more durable and longer lasting than any other set of sheets that I’ve owned.

Why is bamboo fabric so soft?
Bamboo fabric is soft because it contains two different types of fibers. One of these fibers is mechanical and the other is chemical. The chemical fibers are used to make bamboo bedding, and they’re one of the reasons that bamboo bedding is so soft. These chemical fibers in bamboo are called viscose, which you can obtain by treating the chemical fibers in bamboo with sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide, two natural compounds. It’s the same process used to produce transparent cellulose film, which gives you an idea of just how soft bamboo bedding is (because cellulose film is quite soft itself). Hence, bamboo fabrics, which are generally made of this viscose, are some of the softest fabrics you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Bamboo textiles are cloth, yarn, and clothing made out of bamboo fibers. While historically used only for structural elements, such as bustles and the ribs of corsets, in recent years a range of technologies have been developed allowing bamboo fiber to be used in a wide range of textile and fashion applications. Modern bamboo clothing is clothing made from either 100% bamboo yarn or a blend of bamboo and cotton yarn. The bamboo yarn can also be blended with other textile fibers such as hemp or even spandex.

There are several reasons why bamboo fabrics are highly eco-friendly, and the fact that a chemical compound is used to achieve the ultimate softness possible is not cause for the fabric to be considered a hazard to the environment. Here are just a few reasons bamboo fabrics should definitely be considered ‘green’ products:
• FACT: Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, so it is easy to replenish after you’ve harvested bamboo stalks.
• FACT: Bamboo requires no pesticides or fertilizers to grow efficiently, unlike the majority of other crops, such as cotton.
• FACT: Bamboo keeps soil from eroding, which keeps the earth where it grows fertile and lush.
• FACT: Bamboo forests produce more than 30% more oxygen that forests of trees of the same size.

Why does the viscose have to be treated with chemicals?
This treatment is all part of the process of turning the hard bamboo plant into a fabric that’s soft enough for your baby to sleep on. Sodium hydroxide, which is more commonly known as caustic soda, is used in a wide range of processes worldwide. Some of these include the production of soaps, paper, foods, and all manner of fabrics, including all cotton fabrics.

Is caustic soda dangerous?
Caustic soda is not dangerous to human health, as long as it is disposed of properly after it has been used in manufacturing processes. It only helps bamboo bedding to become as soft as it possibly can. It’s quite easy to recycle the caustic soda during the manufacturing process, so that it can be reused several different times.

Also, in more recent news, manufacturers and retailers are using [closed-loop] mechanical processes with the aid of bio-enzymes and less harmful chemicals, with less water and less energy, to get bamboo fibers. Many manufacturers are looking forward to getting natural bamboo fabric 100 percent eco-friendly and 100 percent green, with all the unique properties of bamboo present in it, into the market.

The Miracle of Bamboo
Bamboo can be made into the world’s most comfortable fabric. Organic bamboo clothing is twice as soft as the softest cotton. Don’t take my word for it, though. You can actually visit bamboo clothing retailers, like Cariloha, to feel the bamboo-soft difference for yourself.

For those days when it’s too cold or too hot for comfort, bamboo fibers are a natural insulator solution that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton, and it wicks moisture away from your body. It’s also naturally odor resistant and hypoallergenic. On top of it all, bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to almost anything out there, making it one of the most sustainable, renewable resources known on the planet.

Bamboo’s porous fibers make a cloth that breathes. Organic bamboo clothing can dry in half the time of cotton, and can be worn year round, providing additional warmth in winter and cooling in summer.

Bamboo is a renewable resource. It is one of the fastest growing woody plants and regenerates naturally. Trees are typically harvested every 40 – 200 years. Bamboo (a grass) can be planted, grown to maturity and harvested all in a period of less than 10 years.

Bamboo forests clean the air. Bamboo can sequester four times more CO2 than trees, making it very effective at scrubbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Bamboo removes CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis by using carbon as an energy source and converting it into plant tissue, which releases oxygen (O2) as a by-product.

Bamboo requires very little water to grow. There is sound evidence that the water-use efficiency of bamboo is twice that of trees. Compare bamboo to cotton, which is a thirsty crop and can take up to 20,000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of cotton. Some estimates indicate that cotton is the largest user of water among all agricultural commodities.

Bamboo grows organically without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Cotton uses one third of a pound of pesticides to grow enough cotton to make just one T-shirt. Only 2.4 percent of the world’s cropland is planted with cotton, yet cotton accounts for nearly 25 percent of the world’s insecticide market and 11 percent of the sale of global pesticides. Many of these pesticides are hazardous and toxic.

Get your feel for bamboo fabrics at a Cariloha store near you or visit their website.

Tell us your experiences with bamboo in the comments. Is it truly as soft and comfortable as it’s made out to be? Would you switch out all your cotton sheets for bamboo sheets?

Green is the New Black in Fashion

3 Apr

Cariloha Bamboo Dress

Black has always been a fashion go-to. The ‘little black dress’ will forever be a classic staple, but a few things are changing in the fashion world. There’s a new show in town, and it’s all green.

Before you start compulsively buying emerald-green shoes, a forest-green dress and some army-green pants, let’s educate. There are many ways to be eco-friendly, and it begins with simply becoming aware. Green, or eco-friendly, clothing is the next big thing. And it’s catching on quickly. Everyone from celebrities to your next-door neighbor is adding green clothing to their wardrobe.

What is Green Clothing?
Green clothing is made with the health of our earth and our bodies in mind. This clothing design can encompass differing methods or even begin with an awareness of where these materials start. In some cases, this means that the source of the material can be completely sustainable or the material itself is processed with natural fibers so the garments are free of chemicals and pesticides.

Green designers are equally concerned with the source of the materials used in the clothing, as well as the manufacturing processes that produce the finished results.

Known as eco-fashion or sustainable fashion, green clothing supports environmentally friendly methods and recognition. It could, for example, be created using organic cotton free of pesticides and insecticides, or it could mean making fabrics from sustainable resources like bamboo, a plant that is not only helpful to the environment, but also a resource whose growth and harvest process is a short two-year time span.

In general though, any fibers found in nature and harvested with sustainability in mind to lessen our carbon footprint are viable options for this category of clothing.

Why is it Beneficial?
Starting with the clothes on your back is just one way to take better care of Mother Earth and lessen our carbon footprint. In understanding how our clothing is made and making an effort to spread the awareness of these processes, we can make a little difference go a long way. Ideally, reducing the amount of chemicals used to make clothing and supporting sustainable resources for these fashionable options, help to better the earth and our health as a society.

Clothes made from strong, chemical-free fibers, to begin with, make for a longer-lasting material. But, when they are made free from toxic dyes and other harsh chemicals, they are also better for us in the long run. Who wants residue of those toxic dyes and chemicals resting on their skin all day?

It’s Not Always Easy Being Green

While there are a lot of great companies that are offering green alternatives, you will have to make the choice to seek out the sustainable clothing lines and stick to the companies and brands that want to make a difference. There are plenty of companies out there searching for better methods to help the environment and create sustainability. Whether or not they have reached that point yet might not be entirely in their hands.

Take some time and really look at the products and processes behind your wardrobe. When it’s all said and done, only you can determine what you are looking for in quality fashion. If the environment is important to you, then by all means, GO GREEN!

Cariloha Bamboo Sheets like Sleeping on a Cool, Cashmere Bed

28 Mar

Cariloha Bamboo bed sheets continue to attract customers seeking the best in naturally luxurious linens. Not only are they softer than 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton, but they also keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer thanks to bamboo’s inherent thermal-regulating properties. They make a big difference for people who suffer from night sweats. If that wasn’t enough, bamboo sheets are odor resistant and good for the environment, too. But, don’t take our word for it…

Read the helpful insights from this media product reviewer who shares her personal, unbiased experiences with Cariloha Bamboo Bed Sheets

The Binder Ladies review Cariloha Bamboo Sheets

Cariloha Bamboo Bedding Set Review
By The Binder Ladies

When you think of relaxation, comfort and a care-free life, do the Caribbean and Hawaii come to mind? Who doesn’t dream of an island lifestyle with warm weather, cool breezes and comfortable, airy clothing and bedding? That’s the inspiration behind Cariloha! Cariloha Bamboo products are actually all made from bamboo! You’ll find clothing, bed and bath sets, home decor, handbags, jewelry and more, all made from bamboo blends!

Jen was sent a Cariloha Queen Sheet Set to review. Talk about comfort – who knew that bamboo would be so SOFT!? The texture is amazingly smooth, and shockingly comfortable. It felt like I was sleeping on a cool, cashmere bed. In fact, they are softer than 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton. The first night I slept in my bed after putting my new Cariloha sheets on it was, in a word, dreamy! I found myself not rolling around like normal, and not needing to find cool spots to touch, either. These sheets are temperature regulating, which keep you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. In fact, if you’re a hot-sleeper, these are perfect for you! Bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton, and wicks away moisture from your body, which is pretty awesome to keep you comfortable while sleeping!

Read the Binder Ladies’ entire review of Cariloha Bamboo sheets.

Cariloha CEO, Jeff Pedersen, Receives CEO of the Year Award

27 Mar

Cariloha CEO & Founder, Jeff Pedersen
CEO of the Year
By Utah Business editors | Photography by Eric Delphenich

Leadership doesn’t start and end with a title—it requires innovation, adaptability, decisiveness and the unique ability to inspire. In the next few pages, we honor eight CEOs who live and breathe these traits. These are chief execs who don’t just talk the talk, they are true visionaries who have an unflinching dedication to see their companies and employees succeed. They are accomplished professionals with the numbers and histories to back them up. They bring a higher level of passion and dedication to all that they do. Join us as we celebrate these outstanding chief executives who exemplify what it means to be a leader.

Jeff Pedersen
Chairman and CEO, PW Companies

Jeff Pedersen isn’t one to leave well enough alone. In 2007, his company’s Del Sol stores were doing well, selling products that changed color in the sun at stores in cruise-ship port towns. But Pedersen decided the company could be doing more. He decided to launch a brand, Cariloha, which would sell products to tourists at a higher price point.

Cariloha got off to a slow start. Sales were poor and the brand seemed doomed to fail, but Pedersen wasn’t willing to accept that. He and the company’s other top executives traveled to the stores to investigate how they could do better. After spending time interacting with customers and the employees on the front lines, he decided the store would need big changes to survive. He sought a unique niche for the store to fill and found it in bamboo, a material that is sustainable, versatile and can be used to make soft, breathable fabrics. The company sold off Cariloha’s existing inventory, moved to an entirely bamboo-based line of products and redesigned the stores’ interiors.

It was a bold move in the midst of a recession, but it paid off. There are now 41 Cariloha stores in 12 countries, which did just over $25 million in revenue last year.

“Jeff is a great visionary. He sees a vision and understands how to execute that vision,” says Brent Rowser, PW Companies’ CFO. “When others see only forward, Jeff has a great ability to see around corners—to seize opportunities we can capitalize on or obstacles we need to avoid.”

Pedersen is no stranger to the front lines. He began his career with the company as an intern with his wife at a Del Sol store on the island of St. Martin. He spent the days talking to customers, bringing them into the store and selling to them. When he returned to Utah, he became head of the company’s internship department and developed it into a program that has given more than 1,200 people at the start of their careers the chance to gain valuable business experience. Currently, 70 percent of PW Companies’ corporate staff started out as interns in a Del Sol or Cariloha retail location.

Pedersen says he loves running a company that becomes part of people’s vacations. For many customers, a visit to Del Sol or Cariloha is more than just a shopping trip—it becomes a memorable part of their cruise experience, marked by friendly employees and a fun atmosphere. But, for Pedersen, the chance to improve the lives of employees is even better.

“The thing I love most about my job is to see people develop and build careers with us,” Pedersen says. “When you have 1,200 people every day who make their living and put food on their table as result of selling the products that we make, that’s very gratifying.”

• PW Companies brands, Cariloha and Del Sol, increased their retail sales by 116 percent in 2013.
• Pedersen formed a partnership with Disney’s consumer products division, allowing it to sell Disney, Marvel and Pixar-branded products in Del Sol stores.
• He also instituted a program called Live Your Dream-365, which gives employees the chance to receive $2,500 grants to put toward achieving their life goals, such as obtaining degrees, climbing mountains, gaining new skills and many others.