Five Reasons Real Men Wear Bamboo

27 Mar


Over the years, bamboo has increased in popularity because of its many advantages over cotton as a raw material for textiles. However, it also has several natural advantages over other materials that make it an obvious choice for any man. Yet, the benefits of bamboo are still a secret to some. Bamboo is too great to be kept hidden, so here are five benefits and reasons why real men wear bamboo:

Moisture Wicking

It’s made into fabric that’s naturally moisture wicking, keeping sweat away from your skin, leaving your body dry and comfortable. For physically active men who exercise consistently, the fabric’s breathable composition makes it desirable. You’ll look slick without looking sweaty.

It’s Odor Resistant

Men’s athletic clothing has a reputation for being stinky. However, the unique properties of bamboo fabric make it hard for odors to creep in, allowing your clothing to better avoid being smelly even after several days. It also repels allergens, meaning you won’t have itchy, scratchy skin irritations. Besides being naturally resistant to odors and allergens, it’s also impervious to mildew, making it the model choice for active men who don’t do laundry as often.

Soft, Smooth, and Suave

Ideal for men who want to feel and look luxurious, bamboo is smooth and soft, with anti-static properties that allow the fabric to rest gently on your skin rather than clinging to it. Pectin, the secret natural component to bamboo’s softness makes it ideal for infants, but magnificently smooth and comfortable for men of all ages.

Sensitive to Your Skin

Allergy prone? Sensitive skin? Don’t worry, bamboo clothing has you covered. It also cuts out nearly 98 percent of harmful UV rays, making it the perfect choice for holidays, traveling, or spending a few hours under the midday sun. To put that into perceptive, this makes bamboo fabric more than sixty percent better than cotton at protecting you from harmful sun exposure.

Cool and Hot

Need a stylish polo shirt you can wear year-round, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer? Like wool, bamboo has hollow microfiber, allowing you to stay warm. Yet, it’s breathable making it a strong solution for when the temperature is hot out. Even if aspects of the fabric aren’t 100 percent bamboo, it has still been found to lower heat transmission and offer improved heat resistance.

Those are just five ways bamboo fabric is beneficial for men, making it an obvious choice for the male wardrobe. However, real mean don’t just wear bamboo for the benefits it gives them. They also wear bamboo for it’s benefits onto others. Bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable resource since it grows quickly, doesn’t require earth-harming pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers, and is 100 percent biodegradable. Furthermore, bamboo needs less space and water to grow than cotton, making it a superior choice for the eco-friendly male.

All these benefits still not enough? Wear bamboo once and you’ll never want to wear cotton again. What other benefits to bamboo clothing have you found in your own life?

Westend Fashion Reviews Cariloha Bamboo Clothing

26 Mar


Once you’ve felt the difference in softness, comfort and style from Cariloha’s eco-friendly bamboo fabrics, you may never feel like wearing anything else. You’ll simply long to embrace that naturally comfortable lifestyle that Cariloha provides every single day. And, with clothing, bedding, fitness wear, and bath goods all made from bamboo, you can truly make that happen.

To help illustrate the point, here’s an honest, unbiased review from Westend Fashion describing her discovery and enjoyment of Cariloha Bamboo Clothing. We hope it gives you further insight into the world of bamboo before you make the plunge into natural luxury…

A recent trip to Antigua brought about a new and interesting find on the fashion market: Bamboo Clothing! This is something totally refreshing to me. The Caribbean guarantees lots of sunshine and the unique bamboo material guarantees features that adapt to that environment.

Still, these items of clothing are just as loveable at home because of their extensive comfort. Cariloha is the name behind my recent holiday purchases – it offers a broad range of clothing and accessories which can be found on their website. I am already desperate to make another Cariloha buy- a light and colourful bamboo scarf, an even newer fashion!

What to expect from BAMBOO in fabric:

Moisture Wicking
UV protection

These two fun, vibrant tops are super practical and cute with the extra detail of a string tie at the bottom. They look simple but are so soft and light, ideal for a sunny holiday or cosy lounge around at home.

Read the rest of Westend Fashion’s review of Cariloha Bamboo Clothing here.

Cariloha Launches Spring 2015 Bamboo Hat Collection

13 Mar


Cariloha this week launched its spring 2015 bamboo hat collection, which is made from eco-friendly bamboo-fabric blends and designed and inspired by Cariloha’s product managers. All bamboo hats are available exclusively at Cariloha stores and on

This season’s bamboo hat line features versatile fitted sports-mesh hats (unisex in black and white), fitted Jacquard hats (unisex in black, charcoal, dry dock and Carolina blue), classic six-panel adjustable-strap mesh hats (unisex in black and white), adjustable Jacquard hats (unisex in black, light gray, and navy), and women’s cadet hats (black and white). All hats are sewn together with lightweight bamboo fabric – some including poly-mesh backs or a polyester blend.

“These bamboo hats are some of the most refreshingly cool, naturally comfortable hats you’ll ever wear because they’re made from ultra-soft, environmentally friendly bamboo,” said Scott Brady, Cariloha AVP of Communications. “Each hat features a breathable, modern design and a clean, sophisticated look that complements several clothing styles and color stories within Cariloha’s current bamboo apparel lines.”


With this spring hat launch, Cariloha store owners, upon ordering for their stores, can now choose to customize each bamboo hat with one of five different logoed-patch embellishments. They can also choose to add a store location namedrop to their hats, further customizing hats for Cariloha customers.

“Hats complement or complete an outfit, and they shade your eyes and head from the sun, but what makes these bamboo hats so special is that they feel softer and lighter than your typical hat, and they wick away moisture and repel odor naturally,” said Brady. “They’re also trendy and stylish and will keep customers’ heads cool and comfortable.”

Cariloha Bamboo hats come with a 90-day quality guarantee. If the hats don’t live up to the customers’ expectations, Cariloha will replace them free. Retail pricing is $32.


Adjustable Mesh Hats
• Mid-profile; structured fit.
• Velcro back; sleek, thin fit and construction.
• Bamboo icon on branding clip on hat back.
• Hat Front: 100% bamboo. Hat Mesh Back: 100% poly/mesh.
• Custom Cariloha bamboo taping on hat interior.

Adjustable Jacquard Hats
• Low-profile.
• Sturdy, buckle closure.
• Bamboo icon on branding clip on hat back.
• Custom Cariloha bamboo taping on hat interior.
• 40% Bamboo Charcoal / 60% Polyester


Fitted Mesh Hats
• Mid-profile; structured fit.
• Hat Front: 100% bamboo. Hat Mesh Back: 100% poly/mesh.
• Air sports mesh for breathability and comfort.
• Custom Cariloha bamboo taping on hat interior.
• Two sizes: S/M and L/XL

Fitted Jacquard Hats
• Mid-profile; structured fit.
• Cariloha bamboo branding embroidery on the back of hat.
• Custom Cariloha bamboo taping on hat interior.
• 40% Bamboo Charcoal / 60% Polyester
• Two sizes: S/M and L/XL


Women’s Cadet Hats
• Hat is made of 100% bamboo.
• Cariloha branding tag on hat bill.
• Decorative patch on back center of hat.
• Penny Velcro pocket.
• Plaid interior of hat.
• One size fits most.

Wrap up in Bamboo Clothing Fashion this Spring

12 Mar


Warmer weather gets us excited for cooler outfits. Cariloha’s bamboo clothing and accessories help regulate your temperature, wick moisture away from your body, and keep you 3 degrees cooler than cotton-based fabrics. Your best options for cool, comfortable fashion are lightweight and airy clothing made with cooling fabrics. According to many fashion experts, bamboo is earning the top spot in casual and athletic wear that keeps you cool, dry and comfortable – no matter your surroundings.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Read this unbiased media review about Cariloha’s bamboo clothing and decide for yourself.

Wrapped up in Bamboo Fashion for Spring & Summer
By Diva Fabulosa

I got my first bamboo shirt from Cariloha Bamboo and it became my favorite workout shirt because of its soft silky feel and comfortable wear. It is twice as soft as cotton, 3 degrees cooler, and it wicks moisture away from the body. This summer season I got three new Cariloha pieces to add to my growing bamboo fashion collection.

First is a Bamboo Dolman Shirt in Charcoal shade that I can use for casual or sporty looks. It has a curved hem that falls like a deep scoop and it doesn’t have a set-in sleeves. What I like about the cut of this shirt is that you can wear it three ways. It can be worn with layers, off-shoulder, or simply as it is. It can also be worn with shorts, pants, or short skirts.

My second addition is a Bamboo Linen Pants with drawstring-tie waist, front patch pockets, and button-closure pockets in the back. Aside from the stylish design, I like the lightweight and airy feel that you get when wearing these linen pants. Take it with you to the beach and pair it up with flip flops or flat sandals for a casual afternoon stroll.

I decided to get a Geo Bamboo Infinity Scarf to complement my existing Cariloha shirts and other tees in my wardrobe. The scarf is made of 100% viscose from bamboo and printed with geometric shapes in bright and bold colors. You can wrap it on your head to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun or on your neck and shoulders during cool evenings.

Read the rest of Diva Fabulosa’s review of Cariloha bamboo clothing here.

What’s your favorite bamboo clothing style? How does it make you feel in warm or cold weather?

Business Casual in Bamboo: The Latest Style in Men’s Fashion

6 Mar


Despite its incredible versatility and low environmental impact, not many people know how beneficial bamboo clothing can be. Men, in particular, have been slow to adopt this new advancement in greener textiles, which could be due to a number of reasons. For example, they might hear “bamboo clothes” and picture stiff, itchy items only available in drab colors. But nothing could be further from the truth!

So, when it comes down to it, a lack of interest in bamboo clothing could be chalked up to a lack of education. Let’s take a closer look at bamboo clothing and how it can be just as fashionable as traditional textiles are for men, particularly in a business casual environment.

What is Bamboo Clothing?

If you’re picturing shirts made out of chunks of bamboo, you’re a little off the mark. Bamboo clothing is made by weaving the fibers of the plant into a textile material, which is then made into just about any article of clothing imaginable.

The reason bamboo clothing is so eco-friendly is because the plant, which is grown without pesticides or herbicides, regenerates itself quickly after being harvested. Crops completely replenish themselves within three or four years, making bamboo a truly renewable resource.

Bamboo Clothing vs. Other Textiles

Bamboo differs from other textiles in a number of ways, but it’s also quite similar. For example, you may not think that material made from such a sturdy plant could be soft, but bamboo clothing is actually softer to the touch than most cotton products. In fact, it’s more similar to silk in texture, giving it a high-quality sheen that usually comes with a hefty price tag. As an added bonus, it has anti-static qualities that prevent it from annoying you by clinging to your skin.

Also, the bamboo plant itself naturally has a certain antibacterial quality that actually carries over to the final product. This means that clothes made from bamboo have unique anti-fungal properties that reduce the risk of spreading infection and lessens odor, plus it’s hypoallergenic. Also, you can wear it in virtually any climate because it naturally insulates but remains breathable.

Fashionable, Business Casual, and Eco-Friendly

Another great thing about bamboo clothing is that it’s fashionably versatile. Not every man is concerned with staying current on the latest trends, but most do place value in making a good impression at their work. Choosing to wear bamboo clothing won’t limit you to Bermuda shorts and tank tops.

You can purchase bamboo clothes to wear while you lounge around the house, but you can also find entire outfits appropriate for a business casual work environment. A classic button-up shirt and a nice pair of pants, for example, provide a polished, professional look that also happens to be very comfortable and eco-friendly. The fabric is breathable but durable, and the texture makes it hug the body in all the right places.

Other Uses

Men might also like to know that bamboo can be used to make excellent workout clothes. Fabric made from bamboo is as absorbent as it is comfortable, making it ideal for vigorous exercise sessions that might leave you a bit sweaty. The material wicks away moisture, so you can stay dry as you work out.

Bamboo clothing is gaining popularity all the time thanks to how versatile and comfortable it is. The fabric is ideal for any climate and can be used to make all styles of clothing, from beach bum threads to business casual outfits that will leave a lasting impression. As it turns out, you can look nice and professional at work and be kind to the environment at the same time.


Cariloha Launches Spring 2015 Bamboo Shirt Graphic Tee Collection

5 Mar

cariloha bamboo spring 2015 graphic tee launch

Cariloha’s made-from-bamboo graphic tees are available exclusively at Cariloha stores and on

Bamboo clothing, bedding and bath goods retailer, Cariloha, this week launched its spring graphic tee collection for men and women. Each design is printed on Cariloha’s eco-friendly bamboo-blended fabrics and designed and inspired by Cariloha’s Art and Illustration team.

Available exclusively at Cariloha stores, and online later this month, the spring collection features nine new women’s bamboo shirt designs and nine new men’s all offered on 20+ different color combinations and shirt styles.

cariloha bamboo spring 2015 graphic tee launchcariloha bamboo spring 2015 graphic tee launchcariloha bamboo shirt graphic tee spring 2015

“The new designs provide customers with an assortment of on-trend, comfortable shirts that are adaptable and fashionable enough to be worn in multiple settings and occasions,” said Scott Brady, Cariloha VP of Communications. “Not only are they in high demand right now, but they’re also mixed in with several unique, tonal colors that customers will love.”

Cariloha’s Bamboo shirts, featuring new graphic prints, are made from Cariloha’s proprietary viscose-from-bamboo blends, which consist of 70% viscose from bamboo (in most shirts) and 30% organic cotton for additional structure and ideal drape. Shirt styles include V-necks, hoodies, crew neck, scoops, racer tanks, Dolmans, and pocket crews. Shirt retail pricing is $34.

cariloha bamboo spring 2015 graphic tee launchcariloha bamboo spring 2015 graphic tee launchcariloha bamboo shirt graphic tee spring 2015

“If customers are from a warm, humid climate, the hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking properties of our bamboo shirts help regulate temperature and help prevent skin irritation, unlike non-bamboo shirts,” said Brady. “Allergies, odors and heat are repelled easier because of the naturally occurring bamboo properties, which make the shirts ideal for a long, hot day away from home.”

You can see the entire bamboo shirt spring 2015 graphic tee collection here.

Cariloha Bamboo shirts come with a 90-day quality guarantee. If the shirts don’t live up to customers’ expectations, Cariloha will replace them free. Cariloha Bamboo shirts are machine washable and tumble dried low, so maintenance is easy and worry-free. Shirts get even softer after washing.

Which men’s design do you like best? Which women’s design do you like best?

Turn Over a New Leaf: How to Start Being More Eco-Conscious

27 Feb


If you’ve made the decision to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle, congratulations! The hardest part is over. When it comes to being more eco-friendly, many people are reluctant to take the first steps because they’re under the impression that they’ll have to turn their entire lives upside down to have any sort of impact. Or, rather, less of one.

However, that’s not the case. Making a conscious effort to go green doesn’t have to involve spending tons of money on flashy technology or an electric car. For the most part, being gentle on the environment is a simple matter of making a few minor adjustments to your everyday routine.


Everyone knows how great recycling is for the environment, but they might be put off by the idea of making the effort to implement it. What many people may not realize, however, is that your local government takes care of most of the work for you. If there’s a recycling program offered in your community, take advantage of it. Getting rid of paper and glass is as simple as setting it on the curb once a week, just like your garbage.

Conserve Power and Water

You can’t avoid using utilities like electricity and water, but you can make serious strides in reducing how much or how often you do use them. Most people know to switch off the lights and electronics when they leave the house, but there are small areas of power consumption that are easy to overlook. For example, there’s no reason to leave your heater all the way up when you’re out. Keep your thermostat at around 68 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re gone.

The same idea applies to water consumption: Every little bit helps. You could save up to eight gallons of water a day if you turn the faucet off while you brush your teeth, for example. You could also start watering your lawn in the cooler, earlier hours of the morning, so less water is wasted through evaporation.


Reuse items you’re planning on throwing away. This is a fun opportunity to get creative with your new lifestyle. For example, you might turn old shirts into pillow covers or use a quilt to reupholster a chair.

Shop Smarter

Making smarter choices at the grocery store and mall will likely prove to be the most challenging thing about living greener. Seek out products that are made from non-toxic, natural materials or products that are produced locally. You might spend a little more time shopping, but you’ll be doing yourself, and the planet, a favor.

Shopping smarter isn’t just about food, either. Your clothing and other fabric-based products can be eco-friendly as well. Materials made from bamboo, for example, are excellent additions to a greener lifestyle. Bamboo clothes, towels, and bedding are easy on the environment and your skin.


Take a few moments to evaluate how much stuff you actually use in a day: paper, aluminum, plastic, etc. Which habits cause you to use the most of those kinds of materials? If you tend to grab a new sheet of paper every time you need to jot something down, consider grabbing paper you’ve already used or even a piece of junk mail.

You’ve taken a step in the right direction by deciding to live a greener life. Now, it’s all about making small changes here and there. Although you may feel like your impact is insignificant, you must remember that your contribution counts just as much as the next person’s. Our collective effort has the potential to change our world for the better, turning it into a safer, more stable place for future generations.


Cariloha Bamboo Bottoms – More Comfort Below the Belt

26 Feb


Everyone can enjoy a good pair of shorts or pants or a new skirt or dress, but it might surprise you that the best pants, shorts and skirts are made from bamboo. No matter the occasion, Cariloha’s ultra-soft bottoms will suit whatever life holds.

Cariloha offers an assortment of styles and colors, including bamboo-linen pants, Sinclair skirts, and training and casual-wear shorts. Each item of clothing is made of viscose from bamboo, is hypoallergenic, and keeps you 3 degrees cooler than cotton. You can actually feel the bamboo helping you to stay cool, comfy, and stylish no matter what your day brings.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Read this unbiased media review whose opinions may give you a better idea of what you can expect from bamboo shorts, pants and skirts:

Cariloha Bamboo Clothing Below the Belt
By Shawna Cumpston

While most people love to get flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day, I love to shop for myself, wrap my gift and put a cute little tag from the hubby, so he can take the credit for his awesome gift. This year, I found the perfect gift for both of us at Cariloha!

We decided once again to tackle the “get healthy” resolution. We have been hitting the gym, sweating to the Oldies with Richard Simmons and basically denying ourselves of anything remotely delicious.

To reward our hard work and dedication, I found the ideal gift to help us keep on track and look good while doing it! Cariloha’s Bamboo Fit line has a variety of athletic clothes, including Athletic Cropped Pants for me and Men’s Bamboo Training Pants for him.

The sleek look of the cropped pants helps me feel good about myself as I pound out another hour on the treadmill. My husband loves the comfortable feel of the pants and wears them to lounge around in after his run. The best part of Cariloha’s Bamboo Fit line is all their athletic clothing…

My feminine side was screaming that it needed some TLC, so I decided to check out Cariloha’s women’s line. I love the versatility of skirts, so as soon I saw the cuteness of Cariloha’s Sinclair Skirt, I knew I had to have one, or two. OK, OK I got THREE! I just couldn’t decide which color I liked best!

Read the entire review of Cariloha’s bamboo shorts, pants and skirts here.